The Die and the Components …

The die is the foundation and an essential part of the process to form metal or plastics into a given geometrical shape. Also, the quality of these components is closely coupled to the design, quality 

and surface finish of the die. This is how high precision components for the automotive, aerospace and for machinery and equipment are produced.

… off to a good start with

Schaufler Tooling is a tool shop, which has specialized in dies for light metal High Pressure Die Casting for over five decades. Our specialty and our reputation worldwide have been to focus on large dies and dies for highly complex and difficult to cast parts.

The molds for the production of Carbon Fiber are also in our know-how portfolio. Carbon Fiber components are part of the future; Schaufler Tooling is also prepared to service this market.

The customers for Schaufler Tooling are in the High Pressure Die Casting business and their customers are in Automotive, Plant - and Machinery as well as in the Aerospace industries.