The die is where it all begins ...

In the die casting process, the die is in particular important to assure dimensional accuracy as well as to guarantee the quality of the die cast part. In the light metal castings, the gating system as well as the thermal management of the heat in the dies is important for

the consistency of producing good parts. This couples with sufficient locking force, good ejection characteristic for the parts and good die life is part of the tool maker’s intelligence.

... for good parts

Dies for Aluminum and Magnesium up to 50 metric tons are among the core competencies at Schaufler Tooling. Light metal parts for weight reduction (Structural Parts) as well as parts for Automotive Powertrain are in our competence area. Our company can state 40 years of experience in this field of dies.

Schaufler Tooling offers a complete portfolio of services depending on customer requirements. This includes optimal lay out of the part based on extensive simulation capabilities, design and manufacturing of the dies and finally to machining of prototypes parts, first sample etc. when requested.

Each step of the way the Designer and Project Manager advices the customer about the optimum solution for making the part.