The most Modern Fleet of Machining Centers

We prioritize the value of using the most modern technology to execute our machining. Not because it makes us proud (maybe a little), but in the interest of providing our customers the highest degree of precision and productivity in manufacturing of our die components.

Milling Machining:

Milling Machining: All our machines are 5-axis and all equipped with the most modern and latest controls (Heidenhain).

  • 10 CNC Large Milling Machines, 6 of them with Tool Changer and 2 with Pallet Changer (6,000 x 2,500 mm) (236.2” x 98.4”)
  • 12 Mid Size Milling Machines, 8 with Tool Changer and 5 with Pallet Changer (1,200 x 800 mm) (47.2” x 31.5”)
  • 3 High Speed Milling Machines for manufacturing of Electrodes. All equipped with exhaust system to remove the graphite dust.
  • 2 Gun Drilling Machines with 4/5 axis

Spark Erosion:

  • 5 CNC Machines with Electrode Changer and with a table of 1,800 x 1,100 x 600 mm (70.8” x 43.3” x 23.6”)

Special Machines:

  • Grinding machines for Plane and Circular Grinding
  • CNC Turning Lathes and a Dunkes Spotting Press

A complete list of our equipment can be requested through