Service in conjunction with the dies

Die Maintenance

We stay engaged and responsible for our dies even after they leave us and are in successful operation at our customers. However to secure the long term best outcome from the dies we offer maintenance programs to support our customers, full time or if bottle neck occurs in our customers own maintenance department.

Spare Parts Management

For obtaining the fastest delivery time of spare parts, such as core pins, inserts and partial inserts we can offer a storage concept where we hold specified parts and quantity for immediate delivery.


According to requirements we can sample your dies. Simulation results can be verified on the die casting machine and the findings used to further the die and die casting know-how.

First sampling Measurement Report

We can provide a first sample report according to VDA volume 2. In our CMM measurement department we are equipped with several measurement instruments to support the reporting and feedback:

  • Brown & Sharpe Chamelon CMM with a scanning head
  • Zeiss Prismo 12/18/10 equipped with articulating head
  • A quintuple head changer is available for the measuring sensor. Comprehensive software (Calypso and HOLOS NT) is capable of comparing the measurements directly with the data model.
  • 3D-Digital Atos with Tritop for optical imaging from GOM