Technological know-how, close to our customers and innovation friendly environment …

We are a mid-size company and not necessarily known in the broad public. However in our field, in our niche, we belong to the very best. The people that use our product throughout the world know our name.

Close to our customers, innovation friendly and our high product quality come along with the fine execution by our skilled and qualified employees. These are the attributes of this hidden champion.

... the foundation for our success

Schaufler Tooling is a mid-sized company with 150 employees and the experience of 50 years in the die building business. This highly qualified organization, resides in Laichingen in the Southern part of Germany and just East of Stuttgart and we specialize in High Pressure Die Casting dies and Carbon Fiber molds. In particular in the area of technological challenging light metal parts for automotive body and structural parts, Schaufler Tooling has more than 20 years of experience in these areas being positioned as a leader in the world.

Also in the area of Transmission Housings and Engine Blocks, Schaufler Tooling has positioned itself as a leading tool maker. With this knowhow the company is in a position to advise and support customers in the realization of new and challenging projects such as in engine, transmission and structural parts development. The success of the company to be the best has been by a keen desire to be among the best in the World.

Through a top modern fleet of facility equipment, manufacturing processes organized after the Toyota Production System (TPS), the utilization of the newest IT technologies in the CAD/CAM area, and the paperless manufacturing process, Schaufler Tooling has reached the pinnacle in die making. Innovation by the conceptualizing of dies using Thermal Management by DIE THERM as well as our participation in development of new processes to combine aluminum and steel (VarioStruct) or lately Carbon Fiber component brings us a full portfolio of capabilities.