With strong partners we are even stronger


The US die builder Fischer Tool & Die has been our service partner for spare parts, maintenance, repair and re-inserting in the North American market. In 2016, Fischer Tool & Die merged with Schaufler Tooling under the globally active SF Tooling Group, headquartered in Laichingen, Germany. Fischer Tool & Die is located in Temperance, MI as well as in Tullahoma, TN. Both plants are engaged in the automotive industry in building and maintaining large High Pressure Die Casting dies.

Die Therm Engineering, of Grand Rapid, MI, is a provider of design software and control hardware/software for managing the thermal balance of High Pressure Dies. The technology is patented in US and other major markets and is available in North America and Europe.
The control hardware/software allows one to operate the High Pressure Dies very efficiently from a quality and productivity standpoint. Schaufler Tooling uses this technology for the die cooling concept.